Our masterclasses are tailor-made for groups who may be experiencing a similar life transition such as redundancy, returning to work, becoming new mums or fathers, or simply interested in having a common impactful experience with a group of close friends or colleagues.

Together, we will share thoughts, feelings and concerns that will facilitate you learning how to become the best version of yourself with the challenges you are currently facing. 

We will help you, as individuals, thrive and be successful.

These workshops are designed specifically in terms of the outcomes, content and location and will focus on one of the following dependent on your group requirements:

  • Vision setting
  • Goal setting
  • Values
  • Mind Set Makeovers 
  • Learning to be Resilient
  • Glow with Gratitude
  • Self-care

“I’ve read a lot of self-help books and watched a lot of video content and listened to a lot of podcasts, but nothing compares to putting things into practice. I didn’t expect to gain as much from the day as I did, and I’m thrilled I came along at a really critical time for me.” 

Programmes and Workshops:


These personalised one-to-one sessions will address the areas of your life you want to change and concentrate on getting you to where you want to be.

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Masterclass & Workshops

Daily or 2-3 hour group session concentrating on a variety of topics, all aimed at helping you build the best version of yourself or regaining control and balance. 

Masterclass | Workshops


Dynamic, inspiring and restorative, our retreats will ensure you return home invigorated. You will also have the tools to make the changes your life needs.

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