time to slow down, tune in and connect to your inner power and wisdom

a community of like minded women who are supportive, inspiring &
authentic and learn with each other

a safe space to be the real you, to bring struggles & celebrations, to give
& receive, to be lifted up by others and grow into your potential

clear, confident & committed to your life and business dreams & desires

I Shine Out

A circle for self employed women to rise into their leadership
in life & business

facilitated by Sharon James

As self employed, busy women, many times we feel isolated, overwhelmed, depleted, struggling with boundaries and saying no, as we spend our time in front of the computer and living in a vacuum.
We experience frustration, burn out and even sadness.
And yet we still keep the mask up on the outside and struggle on in the inside.
Who supports and develops you, as you support everyone else’s dreams and desires?

It’s your Time to Shine

To find out more or register your interest in ‘I Shine Out’
please email [email protected],
or to book an exploratory conversation visit
or contact Sharon + 44 7730 620073

“Empowered women are powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description”

A holistic personal development journey to reclaim your feminine power and step into your authentic, divine leadership. This journey supports modern, self-employed women in creating a life and business they love and flourish in

6 monthly, in-person meetings connecting with a circle of like-minded women through a leadership experience that bring results in life and business

Each meeting is themed and addresses key areas that allow you to rise up and flourish e.g:

Intentional wellbeing

Tapping into your dreams and desires

Leveraging the law of attraction and manifestation

Managing the imposter syndrome and inner critic

Being better with boundaries and learning to say no

Owning your currency and worth

Releasing, healing and overcoming resistance

Each month get fresh perspectives, clarity and support to make the big decisions and overcome the big challenges. Self employment can be a bumpy journey so let us help smooth the road you travel

On an invite only basis we also have guest speakers who help us tap into all the latest thinking and intuition to help you show up as your best self

Get to know yourself, show yourself and grow yourself
However you flourish and achieve success, one thing is certain:
you’ll get there faster with community, connection and commitment

Don’t delay, make contact today
Book an invite
or email [email protected] or call Sharon on
07730 620073

Meeting location: Crema Coffee
687 Christchurch Road
Boscombe, Bournemouth

Live, lead and succeed differently
£750 total investment…
Equivalent £30 per hour to invest in yourself. Your biggest asset is you.
Dates: meetings take place on the first Monday of the month and we kick off…
(unless it falls on a bank holiday)

Session 1 Monday April 3rd 5pm – 9pm

Session 2Tuesday May 2nd 5pm – 9pm

Session 3 Monday June 5th 5pm – 9pm

Session 4 Monday July 3rd 5pm – 9pm

Session 5 Monday August 7th 5pm – 9pm

Session 6 Monday September 4th 5pm -9pm

It is important to attend all the scheduled dates as the power is in the community and in the cocreation with one another

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Are you ready for a
you love
living in
from the inside out?