The Best Way to avoid burnout? Enjoy the climb!

Boom, and just like that summer has gone! Already we are moving on to the next ‘mountain’, let me explain. I’ve been listening to Miley Cyrus, The Climb, this week and all of a sudden the words jumped out at me…

“There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna wanna make it move…..

It’s a bit like life for us all at some point. You see we plan to rest and spend quality time with family, friends, doing the things that truly matter. Yet that never quite happens… Does it? The holidays come and go. Summer happens.You’re so busy ‘doing’ and trying to stay on top of it all, you don’t take the rest you waited six months for.

Then along comes another metaphorical mountain, half term, Christmas. And it starts all over again. And those are the ones you can anticipate! The longer you let this go on, the sooner you’ll burn out.
As soon as school is finished…”
“As soon as the holiday starts…”
“As soon as we have a little more money in the bank…
“THEN I’ll rest.
“THEN I’ll enjoy life.”

So we have to learn to enjoy the climb. As the song goes on

“Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb”

We need to enjoy ourselves along the way, we need to build it into our climb and stop waiting until we get to the other side.

So how?
2 things: Manage your outlook and Manage your energy

Strategy 1 : Manage your outlook
Enjoy the ‘magical moments’ as Terry Orlick called them. He is the Founder of the Zone of Excellence which helps people live closer to potential AND live with more joy and harmony in their life.(Yes, it is possible)
Magical moments is the expression of that appreciation of enjoying the moment you are in. How often are you physically present and mentally absent – dinner at home but thinking about the email or at work thinking about not having visiited your parents in a while. It is so easy to loose touch but learning to be in the here and now helps refresh and recharge and takes very little time.
These moments are different for everyone but make sure you stop and smell the flowers or the coffee – watch the kids play, walk on the beach, the sunset, the birds singing, find joy in the everyday connections and be self abosorbed.Use the special china cup for your tea break! Make your work area nice, listen to a pod cast in the garden. If you genuinely cannot find some time each day embracing your highlights you will struggle to stop yourself from burning out

Set yourself a goal to consciously experience 2 a day not too much to ask! It reduces stress but fundamentally about controlling your thoughts rather than other way around

Strategy 2: Manage your energy
Do more of the things that energise you and reduce the things that don’t. I’ve have had a great summer and the most energising thing I’ve done is a morning dip in the sea with a few friends. It set me up in every way as we laugh so much, take in the beautiful scenery and feel the therapeutic benefits of the water. I’d thoroughly recommend it.
So before you get ready to ‘move that next mountain’, why not take time to reflect on your summer magical moments. Autumn is a season of transition and preparing for winter. It is about taking stock of all the abundance in your life.
So grab a few moments, with a nice cup of tea( in your favourite china cup of course!), and indulge yourself, revisist your camera roll and spend some time being with the summer experience you have just had

What are my most magical moments of summer?
What, who gave me energy?
What,who drained my energy?
What top 5 things that nourish my wellbeing?
Where am I feeling abdundant, grateful and thankful?
What mantra would I like to create for myself to navigate life and keep me in a resourceful, loving place?

After a chat with a friend over coffee we committed to stop pushing which led to the river comment below! I’m sticking them on my computer because I sure as hell forget the compassion piece a lot and do need to be reminded!

If you are ready for life to change, to move from burnout to balance by shedding the ways that no longer work for you and finding a path, pace and reality that does, then lets chat.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” and action truly is the antidote to fear.

Don’t let yourself get to the end of 2022 still walking the path of good intentions and not making time to do the things that nourish, connect you to yourself and help you perform at your best as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, business women and friend. Do something today that signals the change. Why not pop over to and book in for a complimentary discovery call .I will find out how life feels for you, how you would like it to feel instead and how my 12 week coaching programme, I Shine Out can help.

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