The moon and the stars

aimforthemoonFrom time to time, I find myself thinking about starting a blog to share thoughts on the greatest teacher ever, life, and how to use these life lessons to guide us and propel us to even greater things. But then a little voice in my head (I’m sure you all know the one I mean) asks “who would want to listen to you?”. This makes me decide to keep quiet and not bother. I’ve decided to silence that voice so this week I am writing my first blog! Someone might listen and at least I won’t be playing safe and staying silent. Bear with me as I step out of my comfort zone, right now another of those voices has piped up, telling me that whatever I write will be rubbish!

Why now and what prompted me to do it? This week, children in Northern Ireland having been receiving the results of their transfer test ( like the 11+ test) which has a massive impact on the next phase of their lives. I found myself moved on 2 counts. Firstly impressed by a local school who chose to help the kids prepare for 1 of life’s lessons bbc

Sometimes things don’t turn out as you hoped and you get disappointed but you got to stay in the game and know this does not make you a lesser person. Use it to learn and grow. As hard as it may seem, one day this major event will not be as important as you will have grown and blossomed through so many other life lessons – your first heartbreak, getting your first job, moving away from home and the list goes on. So feel disappointed if it doesn’t work out but know that you are not a disappointment, fail at things but know that you are not a failure. You are enough and will continue to be enough as you journey your way through life.

The second lesson is having been disappointed, do you take the “easy” option so that you don’t get disappointed again. There are some kids who are not sure if their score is quite enough for their first choice school, it might be. So they have to decide –  do I go for it or do I put down my second choice to avoid another disappointment? My life lessons have taught me nothing hurts more, in the long run, than not having gone for things in life. Going for it and it not working out, at least you grow and learn so much along the way. So “always shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”. Don’t stay safe just to avoid disappointment or rejection, instead learn how to bounce back,  dress yourself down and get back in the game. Eventually one day you will reach the moon.


So where are you staying safe & aiming low when you really want to aim for the moon? Shoot.