How rearranging your furniture will give you a renewed outlook!

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I spent a lot of time at the weekend staring out the window as the sun shone in and the evenings stretched that little bit longer and observed how my mood had lifted and I was feeling lighter. Everywhere things were budding and bursting into life. At the same time I started to notice how our home was in need of a real spruce up too. The change in the light was also telling tales of the long winter we’d just come through.

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So we decided to “burst” into life and go on a major springclean. There was no doubt something extremely therapeutic and uplifting about decluttering, washing tiles and cleaning windows. Believe me, this is NOT normally a chore I enjoy or is EVER top of my list but there was something different and refreshing about the whole thing. I’m wondering if, even though spring is always a time for reemerging, perhaps this year it has taken on a more significant meaning. Coupled with the roadmap out of lockdown perhaps hope really does spring eternal. 

We went a stage further and following a conversation about how we might change the layout out of the room.We got to action and trust me, just moving the furniture around gave us a total new outlook.It felt that we had drawn a line, the same room look completely different, almost “new” and we felt energised.

So my advice would be to get into springclean mode with your life, physically mentally and emotionally. Detox and declutter, it’s all the same thing. In fact “clutter” is derived from a 15th Century English word – clotter – a variant of clot? The word clot has described collections of dead bodies, cats (presumably stray ones), narrow, crooked, dark and dirty lanes and spiders, go figure!! 

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Clutter is mentally toxic and has a habit of expanding until eventually the whole environment is draining. It then impacts the beauty and comfort of your environment, but also impacting how you feel sucking precious energy as you feel stuck, guilty, disorganised, embarrassed or incompetent. Think about how good you feel when you clear out those dead plants, the outdated files and “useful” notes from the fridge or your office walls, when you clear out your wardrobe, or put your filing away and move the sofa!.

And while clutter is often thought of as physical, things you can see and touch, clutter can also be mental: unresolved conflict, decisions not made, actions not taken, a lack of clarity and ruminating around our goals. A cluttered mind is often physically represented in our lives – but not always…

Spring is the perfect time to review, refocus and get a fresh outlook. As our longer days return and we have more sunshine, it’s a great time to get re-energised. So where are you flagging and where would some inspiration and clarity freshen up your motivation?

Here are 10 Spring Themed Questions and Journal Prompts to Freshen up Life:

  1. What would a “Spring Clean” of your LIFE look like for you?
  2. What are the cobwebs that need sweeping away so that you can appreciate the beauty of your life?
  3. What are you procrastinating over? Where do you need to “freshen up” your attitude?
  4. What needs physically spring cleaning in your life? (eg. your office, filing, wardrobe, hairstyle, kitchen, garden)
  5. What’s cluttering your mind? What needs mentally spring cleaning in your life? (eg. your marketing or business plan, your finances/taxes, your goals, relationships)
  6. What’s zapping your energy (eg. unresolved conflicts, unmade decisions, fears/worries, a lack of clarity)
  7. In what areas of your life do you need to take a breath of fresh air?
  8. What do you need to let go of and clear up so that you can spring forward?
  9. WHO do you need to let go of? Who is draining you?
  10. In your life, what glares accusingly at you? (however big or small, if something glares at you it’s time to do something about it!)

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein

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