Don’t get ” stuffed” this Christmas

I’ve been doing a lot of sorting out at home recently and I do not know how we come to have so much “stuff” that we don’t really need. There are only 2 of us but we seem to have enough dinnerware just in case about 24  people descend upon us for dinner all at once! We don’t have the space for 24 but we have the plates, glasses and cutlery!

Then I started thinking, as I’m getting “my stuff” ready for charity that it’s the time of year when we buy each other morestuff “ we don’t need! And on top of that, we stress ourselves to the high heavens thinking about what that might be!

Now,  I am not being all bah humbug and suggesting we don’t show our love to each other. No. But here at InShineOut we always believe there is another way, a better way. All it requires is a little bit of thought. I’m opting for quality time together with family and friends. Doing something that we all love but don’t get a chance to do because we lead such busy lives. It could be a visit to a favourite restaurant, a trip to the theatre or spa, a walk in the forest or by the sea, whatever we fancy. It could just be our time and presence. We spend so much of our time glued to the mobile phone and not truly “present” with each other  The great thing about it is we won’t have to look for any space to store the “stuff” and it will be the gift that keeps on giving as we can recall the time in the years to come. So go on, give it a go and hopefully the only thing stuffed this Christmas is the turkey!!

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