Working With Me

Creating balance in your life, believing in yourself, taking better care of yourself and making better decisions is not just something I have learned to teach – it is something I have experienced first-hand, and it is my passion. 

Happiness, success and truly feeling fulfilled is an inside job. While the outside and physical health matters, no matter what you’ve got or what others tell you, if you don’t feel it on the inside then you cannot live your best life. 

I help you understand your version of a purposeful and fulfilled life and together, we create a plan to achieve it. But this plan is driven by you and you alone through honesty, introspection and desire to live a full, exciting and meaningful life now, not tomorrow, regardless of the circumstances you are in. 

With a background in corporate leadership and team development, behavioural change and executive coaching, I have evolved my own practices and coaching skills to help individuals become better leaders in work and life and have a positive impact on people lives. 

I have suffered a number of personal tragedies in my life, most recently breast cancer. But I came back to a thriving life again and again after trauma and distress. But it was a choice to ensure past and present difficulties and challenges didn’t send me into a downwards spiral. 

In life, bad things are going to happen. But it’s how you choose to react to it that will dictate what happens to you moving forwards. And knowing this what do you want to make happen. That is why now, I continue to focus on what matters to me to ensure I lead the life I want. To achieve my definition of success, I ensure I concentrate on myself from the inside out and find the light within when the shadows of life threaten to stop me in my tracks. 

We are all human and we all want our lives to be the best they can possibly be. To do that, it’s not just about surviving and to-do lists,  we need to thrive and be the best version of ourselves and sometimes that requires travelling to an uncomfortable and unfamiliar place within ourselves. 

Together we can do this. Together we can find the light within to help you shine from the inside out.

Hope FM Interview

“Sharon James – highly experienced, energetic and results-driven Coach, Facilitator and NLP Practitioner, with over 20 years of experience working with Executives, Teams and Leaders in a variety of industries and organisations. But on September 11th 2001 Sharon was working for United Airlines, in their emergency call centre in Dublin. Sharon talks to Blair about that day.”


“Coaching with Sharon has been one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences of my life. For me, I felt a sense of comfort with Sharon. Someone so different from me was able to fully understand what I was saying (or not saying) and help me understand that I don’t need a voice of reason because I am my own voice of reason. I just needed someone to help me realize it. Sharon helped me figure out what the definition of happiness is for me and she helped me achieve that. Her lessons and tools, some of which I have never heard of before, were so helpful and practical! I can use these tools to get through any challenge, personal or professional. I especially loved the exercise of “Be My Own Best Friend” which was a common theme among our monthly discussions. Honestly, I would not change a thing except that I wish we could have had these sessions in person because I think she and I connected so well and I would have loved to have met Sharon. She always made herself available and was very flexible…. Being that I come from a very cultured upbringing, it was a breath of fresh air to not have to hide any of what reality is for me. Sharon embraced my differences and any items, big or small, that I considered to be a “big deal.” She never desensitized my thoughts or internal struggles. 

If I could write a review of my own story and experience, I would speak not the whether or not I met my goal, but to the success of having found balance in my life. I had set some personal goals, some of which I met and some I did not. Initially, my main goal was to find some more “me time” and get back to working out so I can get in shape physically and mentally in hopes that this would help me be a happier person overall. Although I am not in a place where I am consistently doing that or getting much “me time”, I am so much happier than I was before because I found a way to be a happier person, alone or in a room filled with other people around me. I learned to speak up in a manner that would get my point across but still respect the recipient. I learned to “let it go!” and not stress about the little things. A lot of the items that upset me or took time away from myself or my family were my fault and I think deep down, I knew that. She empowered me to be more confident. I feel that I am a person who is genuinely good-natured so my answer or action plan is typically to please everyone. I just need to include myself in that moving forward. It is amazing how much your life can change if you do (or don’t) put yourself and your own needs first. In order to be truly happy and healthy with life and the world around you, you need to have that from within. I feel so much more inner peace and happiness these days. Whether I get to the gym or not, I am OK with that. I achieved a much bigger goal after these sessions. I plan to continue to keep Sharon’s suggestions, words of wisdom and little tools handy and in the front of my mind so I can use them as needed. I will certainly miss our good talks and her warm smile

Female leader in business 2019

“Coaching with Sharon has changed the face of my business. I wanted to invest in myself and knew I needed to recognise what I can do well and what I needed to work on in order to be the very best business leader I can be. Sharon has helped me on this journey and furthermore she does it with compassion, understanding, honesty and always a constructive path. I have loved the experience so far, even the tricky bits, as it has helped me on my path to success. I see more clearly now what my future looks like and that is down to the work Sharon and I have done together. Super excited to see what the next part of your journey will reveal?”

Coaching client business owner 2020

“Sharon James does not only teach what’s she has learnt about but also fully shares her beliefs with authenticity and passion. She realises due to cancer and other events in her life, just how precious life is and doesn’t want anyone on her path to waste a moment…. She is heartfelt in sharing her knowledge so that everyone feels empowered to come to their own conclusions of how best to shine in  their own lives. She does not provide the answers, only the tools to tap into your own inner guidance and she holds the space for that awareness gently and beautifully. Her aim is to encourage people to live on purpose and as an expression of their highest potential.”

InShineOut workshop participant 2019

“The InShineOut retreat really was the first day of the rest of my life. I learnt so much about myself, even things I didn’t expect to! I was blown away by the support and kindness shown by Sharon and others throughout the day and it really was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. At a really difficult time for me in which I felt I’d lost my way this was a prefect way to get me back on track and to find myself again. I would strongly recommend this to anyone.”

Workshop participant