Public Workshops

The quality of your results is determined by quality of your actions which is determined by quality of your thinking.

We offer practical workshops experienced over 1, 2 or 3 day blocks of time aimed at individuals all with the same end goal: create space and time to think about ways of living life to the full and with purpose. We follow a process of self-discovery, freeing up, creating the future, re-energising people and helping them regain focus on the now, right now. The workshops deal with topics such as values, beliefs, goals, vision, resilience to name but a few.

So sign up now if you would like to:

  • Live an extraordinary life
  • Discover your real passion and purpose
  • Feel more in control and less stressed
  • Create more choices
  • Increase your self belief and confidence

Bespoke Workshops

With the same philosophy and approach the bespoke session is tailor-made for groups of 10+ who may be experiencing a similar life transition such as redundancy, returning to work, becoming new mums or fathers, or simply interested in having a common impactful experience with a group of close colleagues.

These workshops are designed specifically in terms of the outcomes, content and location. Contact us to discuss your needs for groups of 10 or more.

Personal Coaching

Coaching simply put is a series focussed 1:1 sessions designed to support you move from where you are to where you want to be, helping remove any obstacles, real or imagined, along the way.

So are you looking for:-

A change in your career or a move forward.A change in your career or a move forward. Our career coaching packages help you achieve the dream job or take the next step on the ladder of success. Using all our knowledge, expertise and tools we create a package of sessions designed to achieve your goal ranging from

  • Career Vision and Goal Setting
  • Personal Branding – Image and Impact
  • Strengths
  • CV Writing
  • Interview Coaching

More fulfilment, happiness or balance in life.More fulfilment, happiness or balance in life. Our fulfilment packages help you achieve the satisfaction or balance in the next stage of your life. Using all our knowledge, experience and tools we create a package of sessions designed to provide clarity and direction, focus and support. The coaching sessions are based on the simple principle that the more aware you are the more ambitious and real your vision will be and the greater the energy and focus you will have on well chosen action. The package is designed based on your personal goals and covers a range of topics such as:

  • Life vision and goal setting
  • Values and motivation identification
  • Freeing up from barriers and blockers
  • Strategies to sustain energy and momentum

The coaching sessions are there to help you move forward in achieving your goals while breaking through the barriers, mental, physical or other that hold you back. Support systems are designed by the individual to handle set-backs effectively resulting in the inner resource to achieve your goals. Contact us now to arrange a free no obligation 30 minute introductory session.

More self confidence and belief.More self confidence and belief. Our confidence package helps you build and improve your inner resource so that you become more confident in yourself, your abilities and in your relationships with others. Using our knowledge, tools and experience we create a set of sessions which look at new mental and physical ways to produce the result you want, such as:

  • Eliminate negative patterns
  • Building access to more helpful inner resources
  • Overcoming difficulties or dealing with set-backs
  • Explore different perspectives to build confidence
  • Enhance your creativity

All this results in a more confident and capable you. Contact us now for a free no obligation 30 minute introductory session.

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