InShineOut Story So Far

- Sharon’s Story

“I learnt quite early in life through my Dad’s illness and some tragic events that sometimes life isn’t fair but that we only have one life so always strive to make the most of it, no matter where you are at.

In working with people to create fulfilled, purposeful lives, my authority comes not so much from the formal qualifications and experience I have, although I have them, but more from the fact that I am actually living my dream life. And I continue to focus on what matters now to make sure I lead the life I want and to achieve my definition of success. I spend my time commuting between Spain and Ireland in order to live in my dream home and do the work that I love to do. Having lived in a few different countries throughout my career I became very clear about the kind of environment and work that I thrive on. So back in 2003 when I met my now husband Rich we “joked” about wanting to live the outdoor life in a country where the sun shines a lot of days in the year and not to have to wait until we retired: looking back that was actually Day 1 of our 5 Year Plan to turn the dream into a reality.

It wasn't easy, people thought we were mad and sacrifices were made along the way but with vision, values, clarity and focused action we moved to Southern Spain in 2007, almost 2 years earlier that we had targeted. We continue to assess what we want out of our life and what is important to us and take the necessary steps and action to keep ourselves challenged and fulfilled by life. This is what fuels me to help people realise their dreams of success and fulfilment, whatever that may be.”

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